Guided tour of Benevento

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From Samnite Benevento to Lombard Benevento…a city, an open-air museum!

Find out with us what to see in Benevento in one day

“Nothing in Italy is older than Benevento” (Edward Hutton)

Few Italian cities can boast a historical and cultural heritage like that of Benevento: probably founded by the Oscans with the name of Maloenton, and then passed to the domination of the Samnites, the Romans (who they renamed Maleventum and, later, Beneventum), of the Longobards (who, in turn, founded the duchy of the same name), and then became a papal enclave in medieval times.

The Samnite capital is a city that can be defined as an “open-air museum”, enhanced by the many architectural beauties that these great civilizations of the past have left in their passage: splendors that are concentrated in the historic center of Benevento . Of considerable importance, as well as a symbol of the city, is the Church of Santa Sofia, UNESCO heritage since 2011 (serial site The Lombards in Italy. Places of power)


       Thursday 5 September 2024
       Piazza Castello, Benevento

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