Our philosophy

Travel sustainably and responsibly

We have a unique planet, but also a single planet



We must learn to travel responsibly and increasingly sustainably

Living our travel experiences with a low environmental impact, getting to know new places, different people, in full respect of the society and culture of the territories to visit.

This is the philosophy that motivates us from the bottom up; it pushes us to organize travels and experiences that have less impact on the environment, but are no less satisfying and rewarding for this.

#staygreen #stayfoolish



Green transport

We always use the latest generation vehicles, continuously maintained, for our bus tours, reducing the environmental impact to the minimum possible.

We organise self-guided experiences and trips by choosing suppliers who always embrace "our philosophy".
We encourage the use of ecological vehicles and to visit places on foot as much as possible, experiencing every single detail.


Recycled materials

Proud of our beliefs, we only use recycled materials for our traditional communication.

We have reduced the size of the advertising flyers and have chosen only printers that can ensure us the best quality and sustainability.


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How we contribute to the "green transition"

In putting together the different "pieces" (accommodation, transport, catering, guided tours, etc.) that make up our tourist packages, we only select suppliers of goods and services who have actually taken steps to implement business models oriented towards the green transition, through the adoption of new organizational and production standards aimed at reducing environmental impacts, such as:

1) the use of zero km agri-food products in accommodation and restaurant facilities;
2) the reuse of the wet fraction of organic waste
3) the adoption of measures to reduce water consumption
4) the use of biodegradable detergents
5) the use of vehicles powered by electric or hybrid motors
6) the systematic use of renewable energy sources
7) active participation in programs for the mitigation of climate change (such as offsetting CO2 emissions, low energy consumption systems, etc.)
8) support for the protection, conservation and management of biodiversity and local landscapes;
9) the availability of rooms and tables, in hotels and restaurants, that are perfectly accessible to guests with disabilities;
10) the promotion of cultural activities in the area.

Similarly, we send our customers travel documents, maps, vouchers, and other utilities through a special application, thus avoiding the waste of paper.

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