Church of Santa Sofia, Benevento

UNESCO heritage since 2011

UNESCO site series “Lombards in Italy. Places of power”

The Church of Santa Sofia in Benevento, included in the 2011 UNESCO World Heritage List, is part of the serial site, of 7 places, called “Lombards in Italy: places of power (568-774)”, which embraces all Italy, starting from Friuli it reaches Apulia, passing through Lombardy and Umbria.

The Church of Santa Sofia in Benevento was built in the eighth century A.D. by the Lombard duke Arechi II. ascended elsewhere in 758, who started a project of patronage, with the construction of prestigious and solemn monuments, as a mirror of his ambitions.

Since its foundation, the church has been conceived as a sanctuary not only for the Lombard duke, but also and above all for the entire social and territorial organism placed under his dominion.

Recently restored and splendidly preserved, it represents one of the finest examples of early medieval architecture.

Why visiting Benevento?
The advice is to come to Benevento for a day trip: a city rich in important historical and cultural heritage.

From the marvelous Trajan’s Arch, erected in honour of the Roman emperor of the same name, to the Roman Theatre from the 1st century A.D., the Cathedral, the remains and walls of the Longobards, the traces of the Samnites and much more, ending with the ‘grafts’ of contemporary art in the city, first and foremost Mimmo Paladino’s Hortus Conclusus.

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Main points of interest

Hortus Conclusus by Mimmo Paladino

Cathedral of Benevento VII century AD

Arco del Sacramento 1st century AD

Roman Theater 1st century AD

Arch of Trajan II century AD

Rocca dei Rettori VIII century. A.D.

Sant'Ilario Port'Aurea VI century. A.D.

Nearby events

Benevento Città Spettacolo (september)

BCT - National Film and Television Festival (June-July)

Patronal feast of the Madonna delle Grazie (July 2nd).

How to visit Church of Santa Sofia in Benevento

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