The Transhumance of Zungoli and Lacedonia

UNESCO cultural heritage since 2019

For Unesco: an event that binds those who have practiced it and the countries crossed

Transhumance is the centuries-old pastoral practice linked to the seasonal migration of livestock along the sheep tracks, a maze of herd roads of over 3,000 kilometres between Abruzzo, Molise, Campania, Basilicata, and Apulia, with the aim of reaching places with a milder weather, more suitable for livestock.
This recognition is a tribute to ancient traditions and sacrifice and passion. It is a tribute to the attachment to the land and the preservation of its values.
The recognition concerns Italy as a whole, but among the symbolic places of transhumance we find the Campania municipalities of Zungoli and Lacedonia.

“Transhumance must be protected as a strong cultural event capable of strengthening the ties between those who practiced it and the countries crossed.”

With the inscription of transhumance in the UNESCO Heritage, which took place in 2019, Campania has become the first Italian region for the number of sites and elements registered in the UNESCO Lists of Tangible and Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Main points of interest

Historic centre of Zungoli

Castello dei Susanna, Zungoli

Santa Maria Assunta, Lacedonia

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